Your Investment

All inclusive Photo packages:

I would never want to ask you to just chose only a

 few photos, and would love for you to enjoy all of

 them that I have carefully chosen.

Full hour:  $650.00

This includes one hour of photography by Monica

 Montigny (Owner of Santa Barbara Photo Style)

Shot Outdoor at selected location, in a relaxed


Perfect for shy kids, and people who don't know me

 well yet, or people who need a little warming up with

 the camera.  

This is where magic happens...taking more time,

 means more photos...

(Option for indoor studio as well for small groups, or


A beautiful online gallery to download high

 resolution photos.

Up to 60 photographs to enjoy, download, print, and

 share with loved ones.

Half hour:  $450.00

This speedy session includes 30 minutes of

 photography by Monica

 Montigny.   (Owner of Santa Barbara Photo Style)

Up to 20 photographs (or more) to enjoy, download,

 print, and share.

Perfect for repeat clients, who feel comfortable in

 front of our camera, and who may be a little bit more


Holiday:  $400.00

This package is shot from Oct 1-Dec-1 on given

 dates where there are time slot options at one given


Includes 10 photos to download  high resolution

 photos from a gallery .

For immediate family only.

For addition people, aka: grandparents, uncles,

 aunts, cousins, there will be a $50 per person


Repeat clients:  $50 discount

Referral program:

For each client referred to Santa Barbara Photo Style, you will receive $50 off of your next photo shoot.

 Example: You send 2 clients: You will receive $100 off of your next photo shoot.

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